Every story starts somewhere and starting this project from scratch felt to me like starting a new chapter of my own story. So I asked myself, what do I need right now that, if designed, would help others get better results? The answer to that was something that can solve multiple things. This translated into a all-in-one template.

What it does

This is a workspace template and it does exactly what it’s name implies. It allows to take care of your work in one space. No need for a larger office for your departments because OneScope has 4 folders made of well-designed boards, which facilitates remote work and collaboration. The template can be used for Content Management, CRM, Product Management and Human Resources.

How I built it

Well, I can say that had the right tools and I just needed a click. Good thing I was also working on a website/blog, so I thought a board that allows collaboration on web content production would be a great start. Next, I figured out that most businesses work with leads and need to store clients information; so, I designed the CRM boards. Then I realized I could do more with automations and the different columns type available, so I came up with the Product Management and Human Resources boards. These last two rely on much more automations than the others, but also formulas. I made sure to make the boards as complete as possible so that they can work without most integrations, yet they will integrate nicely with most.

Challenges I ran into

First was stress. The stress of creating something using a platform I had never used before. Also, the integration recipes, which I ended up not doing. Except that, I had not only to come up with the right automations and formulas, but I also needed to test them to make sure they will allow the seamless workflow I promised it would.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I caught myself changing the automations several times to make sure that each is as inclusive as possible, just so I don’t lease the user with a bunch (could be confusing). I am excited by the fact that, if you download or try the template now, you will find that must boards are linked to each other and there are only a few automations on each board.

What I learned

This whole thing confirmed one thing: I only take great pleasure in designing something. And that leads to...

What's next for OneScope

Hopefully, I can get enough people to find out about (I didn’t even know about it before I heard about the challenge), and try out the template. One thing I would do is try to create the template’s own board views and integration recipes to make it more awesome and useful to as many people and/or organizations as possible.

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