We were drawn to the challenge 3 & 4 because it solves a real industry problem. Our inspiration comes from the fact that this can be used to increase the efficiency of shipping companies in handling their fleet effectively, reduce waste and increase profitability. Challenges 1, 2 & 5 brings a much needed industry solution to a vexing problem of transparency and visibility especially when shipping special cargo like pharma, perishables, live animals, cold chain and similar which forms a valuable market share in shipping.

What it does

Our solution creates a time / milestone-based payment guarantee system using the PayCargo API. It does the following: 1) The MSC account is configured to receive quotation requests from Freight Forwarders 2) When Freight Forwarders request quotes, they get limited time quotations presented to them 3) If they want to move ahead with the quotation, they are requested to place a deposit currently at 20% of the quotation amount before the expiry of the quotation 4) We integrate PayCargo API to collect the payment on MSCs behalf with the condition that the Freight Forwarder can forfeit the deposit if they don’t place a confirmed booking 5) When the freight forwarder confirms a booking within the expiry date, we adjust the deposit amount towards the total amount for the confirmed booking 6) In all of the above, the digital identity of the stakeholders is established securely through OneRecord identity access management.

Our solution for challenges 1, 2 & 5 flows from the above into the world of track and trace with location and IoT sensor data for pharma, perishables and cold chain shipments.

How we built it

We used the following APIs

  1. OneRecord By Nexshore API as a stable OneRecord platform
  2. PayCargo API for handling secure payments
  3. DCSA API for Track and Trace
  4. 7P Solutions API for IoT Integration

We have created a WebApp which integrates all of the above and brings together a complete workflow from booking all the way to destination in one simple easy to use customer interface built on Angular and .Net Core

Challenges we ran into

To be able to extend IATA OneRecord Data Model to the equivalent in the maritime world using information being received from DCSA

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have overcome this effectively and have showcased it in the application

What we learned

We learnt that the IATA OneRecord Data Model can easily and seamlessly be extended to maritime capabilities and works as well as we had earlier experienced for AirCargo.

What's next for OneRecord Scouts

OneRecord Scouts will now start building reliability into our MVP and soon feature it in a product

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