From our research we found that businesses in the Caribbean region face a problem in finding out what is their market reach. We at Da Easy have looked at this problem and came up with a solution via a web-based app to help businesses solve this problem. This web-based app would be called One Reach which is compatible with all main stream browsers. It is designed to help businesses use experimental research to examine expectations, experiences and advertisement reach of several groups. It would also help with potential customers, first-time buyers, and repeat purchases.

Businesses sign up on our web app to create a campaign or survey to get information about a product that they manufactured because they want to know their target markets. They put their campaign/survey out there and users answer these surveys to gain points which is what pulls them in and these points earned by users can be redeemed to win prizes from the various businesses. Each user must enter information about themselves, the more information entered the more points gained. Users will be notified of how many points earned but not the results of the survey. A long term benefit of One Reach is a compilation of information about each individual user that can be used by businesses.

The web-based app will be accessible to the following persons via a login pages:

  1. OneReach Administrators

  2. Clients-to create the surveys

  3. Users – to participate in the survey

The target audience for this app is not restricted to any group; however, clients can restrict their surveys to a specific target audience.

The general aim of this system is to make all operations for the user as simple as possible. ‘Da Easy’ implemented a design to enable all users, regardless of their understanding level, to be able to use this system. The approach used in the construction of this system was one that catering to the needs of the client.


  • The Project has a short deadline 2.5 Days.

  • A new database must be created since the current system does not employ one.

  • Choosing an appropriate platform became an issue because of limited time to complete the prototype.

  • Developers didn’t have a common coding experience

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