A problem in healthcare is that a patient does not really communicate with their doctor until they have a follow-up appointment. This leads to issues when it comes to appropriate prescriptions and care recommended for a patient. Sometimes, a patient will not notice that something may be wrong with their dosage because they believe that they'll get better, since their doctor prescribed it; they ignore prescription side effects because they think they're normal. In reality, they may be indications that the patient is taking the wrong dosage and if these side effects are not reported to the physician, the physician can never help the patient solve these issues.

What it does

One Health allows patients to report daily symptoms, physical activity, and their diet on a mobile app. The application will then forward this information to the physician via e-mail. This is how the doctor will be regularly updated on the condition of their patient, allowing him/her to make any changes on their medications or lifestyle. The doctor does not have to use the application- instead they simply provide their e-mail address and One Health will send back any changes or recommendations to the patient's One Health account.

How I built it

We used Android for the client application, and we built a back-end with node.js which allowed us to use to receive and parse the doctor's email, and then update the content on the app.

Challenges I ran into

Bluemix hates us

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built the Android App in 5 hours #proud

What I learned

Figure out Bluemix before hackathon

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