There is nothing like Developers Profile. So, when you look for a developer on Social network it shows the social profile of him/her. We are working on this project to create social profile for developers with only developer info

What it does

We get Github and stackoverflow data to our dashboard using api calls, we plan to create a single profile page for a developer by getting his information from Github, Stackoverflow and LinkedIn

How we built it

We have used React to build this project

Challenges we ran into

We are starter in React, its just fun to learn and use React. It was the best part of our learning

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud as a student we built this project in a night.

What we learned

We learnt using react and apis.

What's next for OneGate

We are going to convert into a social network where developers need not worry about to search for other developer at different site. Its a single Gate to every thing a developer want to know about other developer.

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