An Android + Desktop app to sync clipboard automatically


  1. Java 1.7+
  2. Gradle 1.12
  3. Android Tools 19.0
  4. Android SDK 16

Build Instructions

gradle :oneclipboardlib:build
gradle :oneclipboardandroid:build
gradle :oneclipboarddesktop:build
gradle :oneclipboardserver:build

Generate Eclipse Project Files

gradle :oneclipboardlib:eclipse
gradle :oneclipboardandroid:eclipse
gradle :oneclipboarddesktop:eclipse
gradle :oneclipboardserver:eclipse

Creating Fat Jar

A single runnable jar can be created for the desktop and server with the following commands:

gradle :oneclipboarddesktop:shadowJar
gradle :oneclipboardserver:shadowJar

This should create a *-all.jar under build/libs.


  1. Run oneclipboardserver - gradle :oneclipboardserver:run
  2. Run oneclipboarddesktop - gradle :oneclipboarddesktop:run
  3. Install oneclipboardandroid/build/apk/oneclipboardandroid-debug-unaligned.apk on your Android device.
  4. Copy some text on your desktop/android, paste it on your android/desktop.

Note: You can use any username/password combination but make sure its the same on all the devices.

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