In the post-pandemic era, with the shift from in-person to online style, how to come back with traditional class without losing powerful tools, online conference software. However, there are too many of them, such as Zoom, Google Meeting, Microsoft Team, and etc. Therefore, we want to build something small yet safe and convenient for students connecting to people with the Google Chrome extension app, OneClickMeeting.

What it does

It provides a shortcut for having a quick one-on-one online conference by just inviting the users in the groups you want to talk to. To have a secure group, we limit the users who are in the same classes on the Canvas can join the same group. This application not only lets you have a quick conversation with professors during office hours but also makes you have a closer relationship with unfamiliar classmates.

How we built it

  • we set up a signal server on Google Cloud Platform along with Nginx, Node.js, Socket.IO, OpenSSL, MongoDB, and to provide a safe and steady connection for our signaling process.
  • our main feature is a browser-based online meeting, which is built with pure Javascript, WebRTC, STUN/TURN servers sponsored by Twilio.
  • with Google extension API, we design the appearance and functionality of the extension.

Challenges we ran into

  • it is hard to come up with great and feasible ideas which need to be done in a short time
  • slow progress due to lack of time and the first-time experience in frontend developing
  • unfamiliar with Google extension API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we never give up although it is really hard and tired.
  • we know each other better and become friends.
  • we collaborate with each other really well.
  • we are proud of what we have done.

What we learned

  • find the real-world needs when brainstorming
  • how to come up with better system and software design.
  • understand how to read documents and make them into practice.
  • how to utilize people's strengths and help each other

What's next for OneClickMeeting

  • Firstly, we want to add more powerful functions, such as strengthening the security by rice email check; or enhancing the connection with group discussions, course questions and answers, comment, breakout room discussions, and so on.
  • Secondly, expand the application scenarios. For example, the OneClickMeeting can assist to simplify the complex steps of the events in Handshake, such as replace the register step with just joining the group, all check and reminder emails or more information and links of the event are just simplified by Group comments, connection with sponsors or make friends with participants are just connecting with persons in groups. And the connection will never disappear after the meeting.
  • Thirdly, collaborating with Google meetings or other social networks apps.
  • Lastly, this extension can be a powerful and profitable company tool to communicate internally.
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