What is OneBook?

Looking to manage your contacts across social media platforms? That's what we made OneBook for. It's the digital contact book that helps you manage your life.

OneBook is a chrome extension that allows you to easily add and maintain your contacts within the browser. Using the Google API, OneBook syncs with your contacts to automatically populate your contact book so you don't have to start from scratch.

OneBook also integrates with LinkedIn. On any user's profile page, the extension will prompt you to add the user to your contacts list if they are not already. Their name, profile picture, and profile URL are scraped from LinkedIn and added to OneBook for you.

Why we created OneBook

The extension was made for professionals on the go and students getting started with online networking.

Most other Personal CRMs (customer/contact relationship managers) are an inconvenience. Typically, whenever you want to add a new contact, you have to open the software, add a new entry, and copy down their name correctly. Adding new contacts is a pain and remembering to constantly maintain their records is difficult.

We wanted a contact book built directly into the Chrome browser for convenient access. But making a browser extension also provides other benefits from a development perspective: we can access the social media pages you visit to populate your contact book as you go—with your approval.

Challenges we faced

For all of us, it was our first time working with web extensions. Our first challenge was figuring out how to implement the extension ID so that we could create our extension. However, the main challenge where we ended up spenting a lot of time on was connecting our frontend with our backend. Aligning the right functions with the right routes was a slow and tiring process as we had to make sure that the requests were receiving the correct responses from our database. In addition, we had initially planned to utilize the Facebook API; however, half way through, we realized that we needed a review from Facebook to access specific data. This led us to quicky intergrate Google's API into our application.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We were able to create a functional and well designed product in less than 36 hours. From being able to figure out how to create the extension, to finally connecting our client and server sides, we are proud of every milestone we accomplished in building our final product.

What we learned

We learned how to use Cockroachdb, both Facebook and Google API, and Sequelize which were all brand new technologies that we had never worked with before. We also learned the importance of sleep. Having to work through the night, it was a very tiring but rewarding journey in creating this application.

What's next for OneBook

36 hours was just enough time to get the basics down. Next we want to expand OneBook's functionality to additional social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Github, Devpost), enable exporting of contacts, and using complex algorithms to nudge users to reach out to people who they haven't in a while.

Additionally, we want our users to be able to store more information about their contacts: multiple phone numbers and emails, skill ratings, and relations to other contacts in your book.

The next time you see OneBook, it might be in the Chrome web store.

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