One of our team member experiences the inconvenience to apply for his parents apply a hawker stall when he is overseas. Therefore, we created this platform and help to resolve not just for hawkers, but also a proof of concept for all other bidding/tendering process in Singapore.

What it does

  1. Eases the application process of bidding/tendering in Singapore. In this example, we will use the hawker tendering process to demonstrate.

  2. Administrative documents in the tendering process is brought online and secured with authentication processes such as FormSG and Singpass Mobile

  3. Provides industry insights based on user-provided information for better market analysis

How we built it

The solution was thought of by the use of the design sprint and journey mapping while putting ourselves in the shoes of the User. After several discussions, we located several pain points in the hawker bidding process and streamline the processes in the improved journey map.

Challenges we ran into

One huge challenge we faced is to find a concrete problem that has not been solved with either a private business or even the Singapore Government itself. As such, the majority of the time was spent on brainstorming many other problems and solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the limited time, we are proud that we are able to showcase our idea to a problem that many people may not realise exist for anyone who owns a business in Singapore. We are also proud that we are able to showcase our ideas with new tools such as Figma despite using it the first time!

What we learned

We learned that sometimes, trying to create a perfect solution can be one's undoing, especially in high stakes time-constrained situations. The cooperation and concentration between team members in this situation will allow the team to finish seemingly impossible tasks.

What's next for was conceived as a proof of concept on how administrative process could be streamlined further by using already available government technologies such as FormSG and Singpass Mobile Suite. With it incorporated, it will not just help Overseas Singaporeans or Foreigners, but also anyone who is managing their business in Singapore.

In the next step, we will use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to gather and provide insight and market analysis for our user. Thank you for your support!

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