💡 Inspiration

The inspiration for our project was that there could be a more efficient way for online web-based transactions to be completed using credit/debit card information.

⚙ What It Does

Our project receives credit/debit card information and converts it into a QR code format. This QR code image can be used to quickly fill in credit card information during any web-based checkout given that, one day, a good range of checkouts offer an option to upload such a QR code.

💭 How We Built It

We built the front-end of our web application using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and the back-end of our web application using Python. Flask played a full-stack role contributing both to the front-end and back-end of our application. The front-end side was used to build our UI and receive input from a form, which then sent the data to the back-end, which creates a QR code for the user to download and use.

😡 Challenges We Ran Into

(Major Challenge) A major challenge we ran into was that we had to change our idea from an app that aimed to provide a centralized hub for all of the user's bank accounts. The reason we had to change our idea was due to the large scale of the project compared to the time we had.

(Minor Challenge) A minor challenge we ran into was that we would like to have created a QR code to handle a specific transaction (being unique to it and the transaction amount) and expire after a certain time period. Due to time constraints, we were unable to complete this task and also ended up not having to include any database software with our web application.

(Technical Challenges) On top of these two challenges, we ran into many other issues that involved setting up our environment with GitHub, connecting all of the team's work, and trying to fix a few bugs here and there.

🎁 Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Challenges aside, we made something even though it was all of our very first hackathons. We made sure to stay organized and communicative during the development of our project. Everyone got something done in this project and we all worked as a team, which is excellent in and of itself.

🤔 What We Learned

We learned many things that involved following an organization framework, working as a team, and developing web applications.

❓ What's Next for CredQR?

The next step for CredQR would involve implementing that minor challenge we had and work on making our application secure and reliable.

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