In 2020 with the global digitization, we deal with lots of data, accounts and passwords from different platforms which are banks, social media, forums and subscriptions. Keeping things organized and safe has become cumbersome. With the API's made available by Africas Talking, Sterlin and Nibss we have good resources to tackle the problem in the banking and finance sector. We are inspired to build a solution that could authenticate users identity, perform transactions safely and keep things organized.

What it does

OneBank is an application that helps users keep all bank accounts and perform transactions from one safe vault. It means that users can register their accounts from different banks and perform transactions. It also has features that help users manage their finances

How we built it

We built the backend of the app on nodejs consuming API's made available to us. As a team of only 2 and a limited time we started by testing the API's, after understanding them, we moved to building our application backend. We then proceeded to the frontend to implement our app finally. We tested the app and made several corrections

Challenges we ran into

At first we misunderstood the instructions making it impossible for us to consume the API's. We wasted so much time trying to figure how to make it work but after we complained in the forum we were redirected to the right resources. We also had a challenge trying to put up with the app in such a short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud we were finally able to build our app in such a short time. We also now know how to build fintech applications

What we learned

We had a clearer understanding on how fintech apps work We learned how to consume API's from Africa's talking, Sterlin and Nibss We added knowledge and interest on building fintech solutions We learnt about the existence of FSI and became members

What's next for OneBank

We are looking forward to improve our application and completing it to world standard, in view of this we plan to review the tech stack we used ie to integrate python into our backend to take care of some services and to make the front end into a react application. We plan on raising funds to this effect

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