Why did we make this?

None of us are web developers by any stretch of the imagination. This project represented a challenge for us just as much as it did a steep learning curve. It provided us with the opportunity to bang our heads against a wall trying to figure out why we kept getting 405 errors. With all of the difficulties we knew that we would be facing, we decided to work on this project because of the social good it could represent as well as the incredible fun that is working with such a unique, high-tech project.

This project is just a prototype made by people who barely understand what makes the internet tick. Security is lacking, and the code is messier than we would prefer. If we ever get back to this project, it would be to build upon this prototype. Refactor it into a more secure, robust, and efficient project. That being said, anyone is free to use any of this code for any reasons. The only way is up.

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