I used to play this game with friends, be it in real life or on forums, as long as people were bored enough to even try. Doing it on paper in the former ensured it would be lost to the bowels of one's household, and the latter often took too long to read once the thread reached several pages. Now, we have it in an easier, and still online format.

What it does

So here it is, One Word Story -SMS edition-. Get matched up with people who have as little of a life as you, and play to your heart's content (or until the normie decides to opt out).

Just text the special snowflake number right here (518-312-4106), create an account that's tied to your phone until you delete it ("create account "), rev up your engines ("start game"), and destroy everything society holds dear by tossing out a word salad that happens to not be any of the key phrases... together! (You should only be sending one word at a time, anyway, you filthy cheaters.)

When you're done with your unmentionably vile toy of a random person, you can opt out ("opt out") of the story and be done with it! It's over between you two, you heartless bastard! Also, if you would be a dear and save me some HD space and get your caca out of my database ("delete account"), that would be sweet.

But by all means, keep playing. I'm lonely. ;u;

How I built it

I programmed this in Python, with the Twilio API. Lots of info is stored on a sqlite database; account info (just your username and phone number), game instances (which are saved when the session ends), and all that good stuff.

Challenges I ran into

Crafting the matchmaking system from scratch was a foobar and a half, although the algorithm itself was fairly easy to come up with in the first place. Other than this, though, the only things stopping me were distraction and sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The matchmaking system, of course. Rito plz hire me Kappa

What I learned

Pretty much everything? There's so much one could do with Twilio (between the REST client and TwiML), and all with relatively ease. I also learned how to juggle two phones for testing, both figuratively and literally.

What's next for One Word Story lite

I feel like I could clean up the code and optimize the database significantly (not to mention, well, not hosting it somewhere decidedly unsafe). Also, since I couldn't build a site for it like I'd originally hoped, I'm stuck with sending the stories straight to users; if that's a lot of clutter, well, sorry! I'll deal with it next time, honest!

And who knows, I might actually be inclined to shell out another dollar a month if people happen to like it.

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