We recognized that packages left on porch are unsafe and can be easily stolen by passerby and mailmen. Delivery that requires signatures is safer, but since homeowners are not always home, deliveries often fail, causing inconvenience for both homeowners and mailmen.

The act of picking up packages and carrying packages into home can also be physically straining for some.

Package storage systems are available in condos and urban locations, such as concierge or Amazon lockers, but unavailable in the suburbs or rural region, such as many areas of Brampton.

Because of these pain points, we believe there is market potential for homeowners in rural areas for a personal delivery storage solution. With smart home hacking and AI innovation in mind, we improve the lives of all homeowners by ensuring their packages are efficiently delivered and securely stored.

What it does

OWO is a novel package storage system designed to prevent theft in residential homes. It uses facial recognition, user ID, and passcode to verify the identity of mailman before unlocking the device and placing the package on the device. The automated device is connected to the interior of the house and contains a uniquely designed joint to securely bring packages into home. Named "One Way Only", it effectively prevents any possible theft by passerby or even another mailman who have access to the device.

How I built it

We built a fully animated CAD design with Fusion 360. Then, we proceeded with an operating and automated prototype and user interface using Arduino, C++, light fabrication, 3D printing. Finally, we set up an environment to integrate facial recognition and other Smart Home monitoring measures using Huawei Atlas 310 AI processor.

What's next for One Way Only (OWO)

Build a 1:1 scaled high fidelity prototype for real-world testing. Design for manufacturing and installation. Reach out to potential partners to implement the system, such as Amazon.

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