This project was inspired by bad websites and long queue times. This project caters to the everyday man. We always run into various queues in places where it could have been avoided. But the one where I felt it was the worst is while booking a flight. In my experience I have almost never had a smooth and issue free flight booking experience using either the websites of the airlines or a third-party. There is always someplace where there is a '*' you miss and well then the rest is history. No I don't wanna sign up for your hourly newsletter!

What it does

Easily connects you to your seat onto your destination with ease. One Way Booking aims to end flight booking hassle all together. The app caters customer needs to a large degree using personalized questioning as a method to find what is best for them.

How we built it

The project was built using the Easy to use Dasha language in the backend. There is no true UI to this, making it simplistic and easy to use! A simple conversation with Dasha easily allows you to be onboard to your destination.

What is next for One Way Booking

With the rise of services that are transparent and easy to use. One Way Booking caters to the average customer allowing them ease of access and personalization. I feel there are clear skies (ok no more puns) for these types of facilities as people would like to save the time and hassle spent in reserving seats in places like cinemas, hotels, restaurants etc. Dasha and other conversational AIs are on the rise and easy connection to APIs are fun to use and provide a life changing solution to the issue in hand.

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