Targeted Challenge

  • Challenge number 1: Track and Trace Challenge

Main issue

  • Nowadays, there is no possibility for a customer to track & trace precisely a single piece unit, from origin factory to its final destination, using a single tool.
  • Having a global view of a whole shipment in realtime is almost impossible. Tracking becomes important especially when it comes to monitored cargo like pharmaceuticals or animals.

What it does

ONE Track is the most accurate and complete end-to-end tracking solution, including realtime and history of all relevant tracking information depending on the nature of goods. All data are provided by all participants via API connected to ONE Record servers

How I built it

  • Have a look at attached picture "technicalarchitecture.png"
  • then...
  • git clone
  • npm i
  • npm start

Challenges I ran into

  • Track and trace challenge
  • A few Exceptions raised during development
  • Writing code while tired

Business challenges

  • Display real-time and history tracking data using data distributed by ONE Record API
  • Enrich ONE Record data by Routes and Weather data using APIs
  • Build and monitor temperature records mandatory for Pharmaceuticals transportation.
  • Display Shipment updates history and Alerts if temperature is out of allowed range.
  • « Stay informed » by subscribing to ONE shipment and getting updates and alerts
  • Getting different views with most accurate data depending on the actor of the supply chain (Shipper, Forwarder, Consignee)

Technical challenges

  • Use ONE Record Data Model and APIs with relevant data
  • Have real distributed data, stored on multiple ONE Record servers
  • Real-time data updates on ULD and real-time display in ONE Track
  • User friendly solution to visualize data tracking on our application
  • Have alerts when special handling instructions are not respected
  • Have risk evaluation and allow to troubleshoot what happened

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Astonishing team work!!
  • We managed to simulate data close to real use cases
  • Technical solution for the demo can display data in real time and you can replay it if you like to watch the planes and trucks evolve on the map again
  • Technical solution is mostly bug free
  • Technical solution for the demo has a dark theme

What I learned

  • Great tools make great applications
  • But great team is needed too
  • Pizza on breakfast is actually pretty good
  • Kitten waling on a keyboard can sometimes create bugs. You need to look after the cat if you want to win the challenge "Mostly bug free"

What's next for ONE Track (by The French Team)

  • If our idea and project is successful we will meet next to Nice to have a good dinner together
  • Why not creating a startup and provide ONE Track as a service?

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