What it does?

One Touch App will be used for safety of everyone to use, the user where never feel unsafe to press on the app and it will auto send notifications to all saved contacts. It will help to reduce all criminal activities happening and women abuse, as soon people get the notification they can call the person back to check if the person is ok, if the person is not responding and they can act very fast or report to the police.

How I built it:

html5 (Front end) Android ios php (data base)

Challenges I ran into

the time to complete the project, the implementation to the coming gadgets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

thought of the the brilliant Idea.

What I learned

is to have attention to what what happening around SA.

What's next for One Touch App(panic button on the phone)

To work on the Project and sell it to be used Globally.

Built With

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