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What it does - “One Stop Insurance” or OSI will help millions of people to buy health insurance policies from different vendors by explaining them the pros and cons of each policy. We understand customers’ needs and help them identify which policy would best suit them.

OSI Application is a platform for different health insurance companies to register their products. Using this portal they can create ‘n’ number of health insurance policies that can be sold to customers by OSI Sales Team.

How we built it - Using Appian Cloud instance provided by Appian

Challenges we ran into - Accessing Fitbit data

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Application covers most of things that a insurance seller does and also we have used most of Appian new components

What we learned - Developing application by gathering requirements on our own and designing it by following a proper approach

What's next for One Stop Insurance Application - Future enhancements to be covered are :

Mail will be automatically sent to fitbit customers. Search functionality to allow existing customer to purchase new policy without much overheads More automation of processes.

Built With

  • appian
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