One Stop Epidemy Resource Manager

A performant online resource management tool permits efficient use of critical resources in a hospital. That is particularly relevant in times of limited resources, which is occuring at a global scale during this epidemy. We present One Stop Epidemy Resource (OSER), our solution for managing critical resources in an accessible, easy way.

Our solution has been developed to address the shortage of ventilators and respiration equipment that the Covid-19 virus requires in severe cases, although it can be applied to any equipment.This webpage is built on doctors’ initiative and with their constant feedback. It is meant to be used by various users, Doctors, Nurses and even Family Members.

Resource Management

The main page shows all the ventilators and their usage over time. This resource management part allows Doctors and Nurses to efficiently allocate resources and project their usage in the future ! The user can easily add new patients to machines as well as graphically extend, reduce and move patients around. Subsequently, the system also shows the current status of patients and ventilators which allows the medical workers to gain fast knowledge of the status of the hospital in a second. It also shows a task list so that internal users (Doctors, Nurses and Admins) can set each other tasks to keep the website up to data.

Family Communication

We know that one during these hard times, one of the things that is often ignored is communication with the patient's family, who are not permitted to visit the patient. Medical workers can broadcast messages to the families via a friendly interface. The families are informed of the current status and can follow the situation better.

Data and projection Viewer

A dashboard shows the evolution of resource use in real-time in a straight forward plot view. In addition, the expected daily hospitalization numbers from regional projections is displayed to inform the management team.

We hope that our solution will allow to better organize and manage resources during this epidemy.

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