One Punch Pillow


We’ve all seen a cliche scene like this, either in real life or in the movies: an ambiguous late-teens frustratingly throwing a textbook, their shoe, a pillow at their alarm clock, often missing it or hilariously knocking something else over.

Consider the untapped potential - what if their pillow was the alarm clock?

Enter the One Punch Pillow.

Imagine the ability to turn off your pillow by simply punching it, throwing it, drop kicking it across the room with the might of Zeus. One way or another, you’re going to want to get out of bed to get that pillow back if you want to sleep more. In doing so, you are up and at ‘em.

No sonar tone. No searching for a snooze button. No missing your 8 am. Just waking up on time.

What it does

  • One Punch Pillow makes any pillow into a haptic alarm clock.
  • Wake up every morning without waking your roommates.
  • Simple and effective stress relief.

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