In 2016, while volunteering with an at risk youth group in my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, I realized that many altruistic and youth were unemployed. I sought to help them find opportunities but soon realized that there was a lack of knowledge and in some case soft skills that made it difficult for companies to hire and keep them. I also saw that this was a problem that companies had with university graduates as well. Some had different expectations of the job than the reality, some lacked basic awareness of what opportunities existed or what they are good at, they didn't know what to expect in the interviews and in the workplace and some needed development of critical soft skills. There are over 20 million youth across Latin America alone that are affected by unemployment or underemployment due to the skills gap. Schools are not preparing them and many lack proper guidance within the home setting. Many professionals want to give back but lack the time to do so consistently or find the right people who can benefit for their unique experience.

What it does

The One Million Interviews Intiative was created to match the right people to opportunities for upskilling, experience and mentorship. It leverages digital technologies to scale access so as to have an impact that cannot be acheived by one to one mentorship or communications. It allows for regional and global reach that connects people with similar gaps in knowledge and skills to those who can help them. It also connect job seekers to opportunities through quarterly online job fairs which are not done on Wix but the Wix site uses a countdown as well as challenges to prepare candidates for those opportunities. We are on a mission to support social development goal 8 by connecting One Million youth to jobs through our scalable mentorship and upskilling academy by 2030.

How I built it

The OMI academy has been designed on Wix and leverages a ziggeo application as well as the Wix challenges application.

Challenges I ran into

I am not a developer so I was unable to connect Ziggeo. I am also not a designer so the site can benefit from significant design improvements. We are hoping to raise funding to build this out properly.

What's next for One Million Interviews

We are pressing forward with seeking to get this fully functional and launched by September this year.

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