Malnutrition, food insecurity, and disease are serious concerns in Bidi Bidi

What it does


Connect refugees, innovators and experts to create sustainable solutions to food insecurity and other common problems that refugees encounter on a day to day basis while subverting the typical model of aid delivery through collaborative problem solving.

How I built it

We began by choosing a framework that would allow us to interact with a database in order to store past conversations, deciding on Flask and SQLAlchemy. Then we implemented a multi-page application that would allow us to be taken to different views through which the users could interact with the application. We considered privacy and security issues, sustainability of the platform, trust, collaboration, and culture to build the platform. These potential concerns are address in implementation.

Challenges I ran into

Limited knowledge of coding, had to learn different frameworks (django, flask), database (sqlalchemy).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Web development, design, background research and knowledge, and business considerations (sustainability, scalability).

What I learned

different frameworks (django, flask), database (sqlalchemy)

What's next for One Light Global

Take this to the next level, make this into an app.

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