our main inspiration for the project comes from the constraints given to us, and how to design an ergonomic and intuitive design.

The A-Team:

Luke Donnelly (Ireland) Kiers McFarlane (England) Marcin Łuczak (Poland) Jakub Wójcik (Poland)

Constraints for the project:

  • it's for the VIVE HTCcontroller
  • one handed operation only
  • we cannot use audio to navigate
  • only the trigger and menu button can be used

How we built it

The team divided according to our skills in design and code. We developed the project using Unity Collab functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Small issues often were tricky to resolve and took more time and brain power than was initially anticipated. Only one workstation was connected to the VIVE and occasionally the Unity Collab platform required some extra time to integrate code or environment changes that were developed on another computer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Within the limited time available to us, and the technical limitations of the project (one-handed interactions, only trigger and menu buttons were available to us), we have succeeded in creating a concept and functionality that answers the problems of the brief with an intuitive solution.

What we learned

We learned that limitations can provide the secret to an unexpected and interesting solution, and also that the development of a product within such a short time must be built around small incremental improvements to a working prototype. Very quickly after starting the project build, we saw how much we needed to constraint our expectations for the project. Often during the last couple of days, seemingly small problems have been surprisingly difficult to unravel.

What's next for the One Handed Wrist Menu

Potentially, the OHWM will be implemented and immortalised in software by Virtual Spice by Salt and Pepper.


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