Help each other and reduce times spent for shopping. Avoid unescapable contacts with other people in shops.

What it does

Connect people to form shopping groups and bundle multiple grocery lists into one consolidated list to achieve:

  • Support for people who can't leave their homes to do groceries due to health risks or quarantine.
  • Reduce risk of infection by reducing people load in stores.
  • Reduce overall time spend in grocery stores by optimizing the shopping process.
  • Support distribution of goods by retaining the original shopping lists of the group members.

How we built it

  • We implemented an app for which we used the Mendix low coding platform. This app demonstrates the complete process.
  • We reached out to link with developers/suppliers of existing shopping apps in order to ask them to add additional features to support group building, aggregation and delivery. There are a lot of shopping apps already available, but none of them supports the features needed for heterogeneous shopping groups.
  • We composed a small document containing a basic set of rules which are needed for such shopping groups in order to be functional over a longer time.

Challenges we ran into

  • Group building on Friday evening was a huge challenge.
  • We did not know the tools and had to learn them in a little while.
  • On Saturday noon, we were at a point to stop the project. We found out, that there are already such a lot of shopping apps on the market, and motivation was low to continue reenventing the wheel. But then we changed track and the idea was born to ask providers of existing apps to enhance their apps with missing functionality. And suddenly the app development became meaningful again: as a platform to visualize our ideas about the process and the missing features in existing apps.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • We did not know beforehand. We are located in cities all over Germany. Nevertheless we were able to form a team and accept the challenge.
  • With the Mendix platform we were able to implement an app in 2 days with a very small team of 3 developers.
  • We did not only go into technology but also worked on the 'analog' issues around the idea.

What we learned

  • We found out we are 'learners'. Some of us had not worked with the development platform or the communication tools in the hackathon. We helped each other to learn the ropes.
  • The hackathon platform is a good way to generate ideas, form adhoc teams and breed new ideas.

What's next for One For All Groceries

  • We can hope that our ideas are taken by suppliers of shopping apps to enhance their products on short notice
  • We can continue to complete the app.

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