One Degree uses your social network to help you better relate to the state of world development and the Millennium Development Goals. It also helps you contribute to progress towards these goals. You log into the app using Facebook. Once logged in, you can select a development indicator and a region of the world to explore. Let’s say you pick Water Access as the indicator and Sub-Saharan Africa as the region. The app uses your network of friends to represent the population of Sub-Saharan Africa. It displays a picture of each of these people. Then the app randomly samples your friends’ pictures to show how many would not have access to an improved water source (one of the indicators for Millennium Goal 7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability).This leads to the next step of the illustration which shows how how many friends would need to be helped in order to achieve the associated Millennium Development Goal, in this case getting better access to clean water. Since the number is in terms of one’s friends, it is much easier to understand than the stated goal of halving the non-access rate from 1990.Finally, in order to answer the pressing question of how you can help, the app uses Jumo to connect you to people working on the Development Goal.  Jumo is a network helps connect people to different social causes about and the organizations working to support these. In this case it takes you to the cause of “Access to Clean Water” and the organizations that are working on this.The tool helps you explore ten different indicators related to a total of six different Millennium Development Goals in a personal way. It also provides a direct way to connect to groups that are working on these goals. Data for this app was obtained from the World Development Indicators dataset http://data.worldbank.orgVisit the app at

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