With the hopes of controlling a large group robotics setup, using a single, accessible controller. By using a wrist band transmitter unit, a capacitive sticker, and a network of robots, we can achieve this.

OneConnect uses an RFID card to swipe access to robots and devices. Once paired, you send a stream of commands to the robot over a fast wifi based network. Then the sticker control can be used to emulate keyboards, control robots, or use it as a remote without any work to switch.

OneConnect was built on the ESP32 system. By taking advantage of its capacitive pins and its wireless capabilities. We made a dynamically adapting setup that could accommodate nearly all systems. The boards, cases and robots were all set up by our team. Certain things did prove difficult, picky wireless systems and long queue on the 3d printers, we had to constantly work to make sure we got the most out of our device.

The instant pairing is a gratifying feeling as with the swipe of a card you can control a large scale robot, or a small one at will. Between lots of soldering, printing, designing, and C coding, lots of experience and library experience was gained. This is especially true in the ESPON network setup.

OneConnect will be continued to develop into a smaller form and an easier experience.

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