One Communtity was inspired by technologies used in more advanced nations. It was also Inspired by the need of people to do safer, faster and easier transactions and business to better their cashflows and get customer insight. Business would benefit from it by receiving faster payments and having the ability to collect customers data.

The concept is executed by an app that makes it possible to transfer funds from one account to another within seconds!

What it does

The more transactions a person does, the more the community grows, which lead to a bigger client base for the facilitator of this community which receives its revenues from transactions fees!!! This brings WINS to customer, businesses and provider.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our concept did not win first place, but we are proud to have validated an idea during the hackathon. The feedback we got from the judges gave us more to think about. We are also flattered that we got a full house of applause during the revelation of the product during the pitch and have already triggered other startups to request an API to facilitate payment in their app.

What's next for One Community

Project is on idle

*more images will be uploaded soon

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