We all strive to be a better person. We all know the world will be a better place if we understand the diversity in each other and stop hating. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. We’re just too busy to take care of others. We have priorities; we work, we have school. What’s worse, busy hectic lifestyles make us forget about ourselves sometimes.

Therefore, we came out with this app, “One a Day”. Our app will ask you to do one simple selfless act or self-care practice every day. You’ll learn it only takes a couple of minutes or sometimes a second to brighten up someone’s day.

Once you complete the task, we won’t ask you anything more for a day! Just check off the check box and feel awesome about yourself for doing something good today. You can also check your progress bar under a profile page to see how many good deeds you’ve been performing.

We wish our app would lead people to self-love. We wish our app to make people feel good about themselves and spread love in the community.

What it does

Our web-mobile application will allow the users to receive a set of short, daily tasks to complete each day. Each task consists of prompts for the users to do something nice. It is a fun, motivating way to treat others. After completing a task, depending on the difficulty of the action, the users will gain points that will add to their progress bar. Once the bar has reached its full capacity, the users will level up.

How I built it

We built this application by using javacript, html, css, firebase, and jquery. The javascript carried out our main functions, such as the point incrementing system. The html acted as the front-end template for our application. The css was used to enhance the visual components. The jquery was used to carry out the UX interactions between the users. The firebase was utilised to authenticate the users, and pull from our database.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges that our team faced were found in the initial planning phases of our project. We had multiple ideas that we wanted to construct, but our time and skill restraints forced us to dismiss most of them. Each potential pitches were piled into the junk pile. Eventually, as we discussed about some of the problems that we felt in our current society, we realized how much of our growth and wellbeing is reliant on the kindness we receive. So, after some negotiations and design iterations, we were able to overcome our challenge of indecisiveness through clear research and communication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we managed to create a functional, visually pleasing app that incorporated all the tasks that we were hoping to complete. We had never been put into such a strenuous, heavy environment for coding and designing. Just the fact that we have a finished product that encourages kindness, inclusiveness, diversity, and care to others is a feat that we feel very happy about.

What I learned

Despite having no prior experience in any hackathons, we pushed ourselves to communicate, and in turn, this has taught us the importance of management, transparency, and teamwork.

What's next for One a Day

In the future, we hope to bring this web-application as a real application for people to use. We believe that this simple application can be a fun way to track your actions, while making a difference to the world around us.

Built With

  • .-our-app-will-ask-you-to-do-one-simple-selfless-act-or-self-care-practice-every-day.-you?ll-learn-it-only-takes-a-couple-of-minutes-or-sometimes-a-second-to-brighten-up-someone?s-day.-once-you-complete-the-task
  • bootstrap
  • busy-hectic-lifestyles-make-us-forget-about-ourselves-sometimes.-therefore
  • css
  • firebase
  • html5
  • it?s-easier-said-than-done.-we?re-just-too-busy-to-take-care-of-others.-we-have-priorities;-we-work
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • we-came-out-with-this-app
  • we-have-school.-what?s-worse
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