What it does

OnDrip is NFT Subscriptions platform - Subscription as NFT where users pay regularly and hold NFTs to access premium services. Think SaaS but with NFTs. We enable new avenues for Web2 merchants to enter the exciting world of Web3.

How we built it

Smart Contract: ERC721 based contract that allows users to tokenize their existing Streaming (Netflix/Prime) subscription. Users can subscribe using two different functions. Top Up and Renew these functions allow them to access the credentials via lit protocol. This is done using a function accessCrednetials with a bool return. Marketplace Contract for token sales includes platform fees and royalties using ERC2981 standard.

Indexer: Usage of Graph Node for getting the list of owners and the NFTs they own with NFT metadata

Gateway: APIs for User Authentication and storing profile details LIT Protocol for Storing the encrypted account credentials per NFT

WebApp: Frontend in ReactJS that allows users to authenticate using MetaMask, Mint NFTs, Access Dashboard for the revenue calculation, Manage Profile and Showcase the NFTs in the marketplace

Chromium Extension: Extension integrated with ETH Wallet that shows how many NFTs a user owns Inject credentials to the webpage for authentication purposes based on the NFT used Profile Details

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for OnDrip

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