💡 Inspiration

Did you ever dream of going back to those childhood days where you spent your Christmas with your family and friends, decorating christmas tree, waiting for santa, getting gifts. Are you feeling lonely this Christmas and remembering when times were good? Here's "Once Upon A Christmas" for you.

⚙️ What it does

elf AI

As we grow up we tend to miss those beautiful moments which can't be recreated :( People are staying away from families and COVID does not help much in celebrating festivals as Christmas. This platform helps you to relive those moments in a modern way. Baking cookies with family and friends made easy. Ask how? With the use of Twilio we help you send the recipe you want to make with your family along with the video call link so no matter how far you are, you can stay connected and bake something yummy! Also if you are missing the Christmas songs, the stories your mom used to tell you or just wanna share your funny pictures with filters to cheer someone up, we have it all! We have Mr. Elf to help us throughout the journey. Mr. Elf is an AI voice assistant who is very kind. He will read you a christmas story! Features included:

  • Voice assistant to guide you
  • Twilio to send Christmas recipe
  • Christmas filters
  • Christmas Story
  • Christmas Songs with lighting Christmas tree twilio

🤔 How we built it

First I only thought of adding different kinds of christmas stories but then started adding more to it like a photobooth using funny christmas filters, baking together virtually and songs to listen on christmas making it an overall joyful christmas package which can be enjoyed by anyone who missed the old times.

🧑‍💻 Challenges we ran into

  • We were not able to implement the photobooth properly before facing errors but we did it later and completed the project.
  • Alan AI took some effort to get the intents correctly
  • Twilio function was implemented by a member who was new to the backend so needed some help.

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

Apart from actual celebrations, we were happy that we implemented everything that we thought about Christmas in a modern way.

🧑‍🎓👩‍🎓 What we learned

Learned face recognition with javascript for making photo booth and lot of animations to properly "dress up" this hack.

⏭️ What's next for Once Upon a Christmas

Implementing a video call service adding some fun games like scavenger

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