Once a Daily Do is an app created for the 2020 HopHacks hackathon by Joshua, Sadie, and Garrett. Joshua worked on the authentication and API, Sadie worked on graphic/UI design and the Flutter code, and Garrett worked on the Flutter code.


We were inspired by the belief that one small action a day makes a huge impact.

Our app encourages trying new things in order to overcome the motivational barriers that depression can build up. This is especially important during Covid-19 times, as Quarantine has created a mental health disaster, leading to apathy, lethargy, and lack of energy. We were inspired by the WHO and CDC recommending taking breaks to cope with COVID stress. Small accomplishments, planned activities, and simple routines improve psychological health.

Those battling depression often experience loss of motivation in completing any activities beyond those necessary to stay alive. Therefore, it can be extremely anxiety-inducing for someone on the path of recovery from depression to find the motivation to start enjoying activities again. It can be even more stressful to try new activities, which means one would miss out on a lot of joy and self-discovery. This is where Once a Daily Do comes in to help!

Each day, you will be given a new, simple activity to do, to get you back in the flow of trying new things. You’ll be able to expand your horizons, and slowly improve how much you can handle, without the debilitating stress of having to plan these activities. Our activities are centered around very important parts of life that people experiencing depression find it difficult to prioritize, such as exercise, cooking, getting outside, maintaining relationships, enjoying entertainment, creating, helping out your community, and more!

Doing just one small activity a day is found to extremely improve the quality of life for those battling depression, and you no longer have to go through this hard, but vital, step in the process of recovery alone!

We hope you find joy in expanding your horizons with Once a Daily Do.

What it does

We carefully curated our activities to fit into two large categories that people with depression struggle with - mental activities, and physical. Our user takes a survey, giving their name, any food restrictions (for future recipe suggestions), and if they prefer more mental or physical activities per week. Our back end algorithm prioritizes activities that fit their choice so that they’re more likely to do them.

The app gives the user a different activity to do per day from our carefully crafted list. Lots of love was put into every choice made - we completed extensive research on which activities are best for improving mental health, while also being fun. We handpicked song recommendations that have landed on billboard positive mental health lists, crafts projects that are quick and simple enough to complete for someone struggling with motivation, short exercise and yoga activities that emphasize positivity and mindfulness, feel good movies, community activities that encourage acts of kindness (doing things for others is proven to improve your own personal mental health!), and more.

Once a user completes their daily activity they check it off by clicking the button on the home page. The activity gets added to their calendar for the date, and you can watch your streak grow if you keep doing activities on consecutive days.

Finally, you can win awards for your accomplishments, such as completing five new recipes and gaining the “Master Chef” badge. The streaks, awards, and visually filling up the calendar hopefully encourage the user to keep doing their daily activities! :)

How I built it

Our backend server was built on ASP.NET Core Web API, our initial design was done in Adobe Xd and Illustrator, and our final app was created with Flutter.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into hosting issues for our backend. We also ran into issues converting some of our initial design into Flutter code, such as the circle on our streaks page, and so we had to rework our design to better suit Flutter capabilities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of our improved efficiency and workflow from the last project we worked on together. We are also very proud that we created something that can possibly help someone struggling with mental health! :)

What I learned

Joshua learned a lot more about the framework and good design patterns such as the repository design pattern to abstract out the data access layer, and model controller separation, Sadie learned a lot about Flutter (this was her first time using it for an original project), and Garrett learned how to make http requests towards a remote server and interpret the resulting markdown files to display in a flutter app.

What's next for Once a Daily Do

We hope that we can get more activities by implementing a web scraping algorithm. We also hope to fine tune our algorithm and user survey so that the activity assigned each day is even more personalized for the user.

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posted an update

9pm progress update: our server is completed and being uploaded to a host and the app itself is mostly complete besides connecting it to the live server and making mock data for the sake of offline testing.

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