The email is to serve as the end user experience to this process.

The NFT has book metadata, a collectible jpeg, and is non-transferable. The embed code, was turned it into a button code, in hopes, that the user full process, is streamlined directly by email. The motivation is to create easy to use processes for small business to thrive, at low price, entry point, and educational curves. Courier can serve as a means for those wanting to directly communicate with consumers, and have a easy ui to design those experiences. This is what is next for onboarding with NFTs. Making sure your user can onboard themselves, into your community, and learn needed skills, knowledge, all included in the meta data. The challenge was coding the button, and seeing where we wanted people to land to have the experience, what better than directly in email? We used Courier, Thirdweb, coinbase, and Midjourney to accomplish the task. As well as my rusty Catalina Macbook terminal. I hope you enjoy the concept!


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