So my inspiration for this bot was to basically help start ups with the onboarding process of interns/new hires. Usually startup employees are too busy to fully catch up new hires/interns. This way any questions that the newbies have can be asnwered by this slack bot.

What it does

Will look through a set of acronyms used by a "startup" and help the newbie learn them.

How I built it

So I built it using amazon lex to come up with the sample utterances and slot types. Then I built a slack application and a lambda function to make the bot actually do something. Then I synced them all together in order to bring the bot to life on slack. (I sent you an invite) Sample utterances:

What does {acronym} mean?


what is {acronym} ?

Challenges I ran into

The challenge I ran into was getting the acronym data into proper json format. For that I built a python script and it made it a lot easier. I love using coding to make life easier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of having a finished product!!

What I learned

How easy is it to make a social bot and how cool it is that it learns on its own.

What's next for Onboarding Buddy

Will read and understand the companies many slack channels -> Will begin to learn about the company through the conversations it reads and be able to answer questions intelligently for the newbies. Will also be able to generate Jira boards and update the status of current board activities. Other future uses would include linking to Workday/BambooHR or whatever the HR service being used in order to answer questions about who the "VP of Engineering is?"

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