During these uncertain times, the line between what to do and what not to do has become confusing. One day we are to not wear a mask and the next day we should. As companies begin to open (and then close again), many employees are getting frustrated because they are unsure about the restrictions that they should enforce at their facility.

I've seen this frustration several times from my recent visit of essential grocery shopping to my work-outs in boxing class. A grocery store attendant flat out and told me that he doesn't know what is approved in the store. He stated that he hears something on the news and then he comes to work and gets a different message from his manager. This is coupled with a different message from his co-workers.

This lack of knowledge and uncertainty can be dangerous for a business- from a legal aspect as well as health. This was the foundation of building Compliant.

Compliance videos are customary at companies and are great for disseminating the correct information. But to make these yearly videos and exams take days or even months.

My goal was to build a product that would be dynamic, simple to use, and fun to interact with.

What it does

  1. Compliant content can be dynamically updated by HR.
  2. Each employee is notified via email or text that they have a compliance video and exam to complete.
  3. The user signs into their JourneyBinder ( onBoard account and watch the latest content delivered by the AirTablesirtables block (TBD)
  4. After the video is seen (which is also tracked), the employee answer the exam questions related to the video.
  5. HR receives a notification that the employee is compliant

How I built it

I used ReactJS within Airblocks. Was able to do what I needed from the Development environment. I also used the API for JourneyBinder- but not showing that in the demo- to keep it focused.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge is that I am VueJS person- so react syntax was somewhat different than I use day to day. Another challenge was finding the right balance of what I feel that Compliant should be. I had an entire list of features such as "raising hand" for help, info windows, etc. I went to the grocery store (and Starbucks) to survey employess and see what they would want-- and the message that I came back with is this:

  1. It's needed
  2. Kinda cool
  3. Make it easy to use

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel very accomplished in going through the AirBlock documentation. I was not knowledgeable about AirBlocks development environment and received a better understanding of how it can be used.

With this knowledge, I can now see MANY AirBlocks being created for JourneyBinder's onBoard platform. The onBoard platform a

What I learned

I learned how quickly it is to get an AirBlock app up and running within AirTables. I also learned how these type of apps can go seamlessly well with the JourneyBinder platform. I still need to do some more investigation in this area.

What's next for Compliant

Integration with JourneyBinder

  • will turn Compliant into a AirBlock tool that can be used on the JourneyBinder platform -Features -integration of email -integration of "raised hand"
    • adding loads of more content with questions

My end goal to get this out along with the launch of my start-up, JourneyBinder. This will be my main channel of distribution.

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