During a workday we have to use serveral softwares and platforms, which is always a hassle to go through and check all the time. Would be nice to see the relevant informations on a simple screen, where the user can see if is there anything which requires attention.

What it does

Aggregates information from several data sources and displays the most relevant data for the user.

How I built it

Built with Python and Javascript frontend as an SPA suitable for in browser usage.

Challenges I ran into

Syncronize and generalize the data streams from the different APIs we integrated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The amount of working integrations we finished during the given time period.

What I learned

How to manage the team and work efficiently under pressure when everyone is working remotely.

What's next for OnBoard

Finish the current ongoing integrations and achieve our first 100 subscribers.

Built With

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