Do you spend entire bus trips looking at the window trying to figure out where you are and when to ring the bell? Or maybe you're a seasoned commuter who occasionally falls asleep or might want to hop off to see a friend or grab a bite along the route.

OnBoard is your on-bus dashboard. OnBoard follows along with you, showing you upcoming stops, estimated arrival times, and where to transfer (and how long you'll have to wait). It even shows you cool stuff along the way like food and clothes... and even your friends.

  • STOPS *

OnBoard shows you a list of all stops on your bus line, and what transfers are available at each stop. There's an estimate of how long you have before you arrive at the stop, based off of scheduled and historical route data.

You can tap on a stop to see its location on a map and even see about how long you'd have to wait for a transfer. If your transfer isn't for a while, you might be interested in...


Have a long layover, or maybe just hungry along the route? Because traveling around town isn't really about the bus itself, OnBoard takes it a step further and integrates with your surroundings. OnBoard can show you restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and more at each stop along your route. And if you have a friend nearby...


If a friend has recently checked in using Facebook somewhere along your route, OnBoard will show that friend at the stop. Tap on the friend to see how far they are or even give them a call to see if they're sticking around. Don't worry, OnBoard shows you when the following bus is coming so you know just how long you have to hang out if you still need to be on your way.


If you don't want to stay on top of following your bus route the whole way (or maybe just worried about falling asleep), just tell OnBoard what stop you're looking to get off at. In the background, the app will monitor your progress, and give you a heads up when it's time to ring the bell and get off the bus.


  • Current location on the bus route
  • Next stop and upcoming stops
  • Maps of exact bus stop locations
  • Estimated arrival times for each stop, based on historical data
  • Transfer points for other lines at each stop
  • Estimated layovers for bus transfers
  • Notifications of when you should ring the bell to get off the bus
  • Nearby places of interest (restaurants, cafes, grocery stores)
  • Facebook integration to see friends along the way

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