Webmasters, blog owners and small advertisers often need certain images for their site/ad, while there are sites that supply these pictures, if you want a custom picture taken for you in a specific location or a certain subject, with this app you can add your request and one of the many photographers out there with a smartphone will take the picture for you.

News organizations often need pictures of certain events too and can offer higher buy prices.

What it does

Users can take pictures or videos based on requests from others and sell them for money. The image requests can be location specific or general (based on the subject of footage).

Photographers have to take a picture with the app and can only send that pic to one requesting user, assuring no one else will get the picture you are paying for. If the requesting user doesn't buy the pic, it will stay in the user's account (on the server) and can be sent to other requesting users.

I'm a Photographer:

  • Show picture requests on the home screen.
  • Receive push notifications for location based picture requests or categories without a location that you can fulfill.

I need pictures:

  • Add a request, set a price and wait for your pictures. To download the picture, you will have to pay.
  • It is a website so users can download the picture(s) and use it(them). If it was an app the picture would still need to be emailed or uploaded somewhere for them to use.


Fixed pricing for each picture.

  • The requesting user specify the amount they're willing to pay and can add a deadline. Once photos are uploaded, they can choose one or more to buy.
  • Photographer can post pictures that can be bid on.

Business model

Customers choose the price they will pay for the assignment:

  • Individuals may chose a very low price, while news agencies may opt for higher price to secure a picture.
  • The price may also vary depending on the urgency (need it in less than 2 hours, next week, etc.)
  • We suggest a mean price depending on the country, time of the year, similar demands in the same area, history of that specific customer, etc.


  • The company manages any local taxes.
  • The customer and photographers are responsible for their local taxes, income taxes, etc.

All payments are managed though a reputable third party like PayPal:

  • 75% if paid to the photographer.
  • 25% of the price paid before taxes stays with the company.

How we built it

Using C#/Xamarin/MvvmCross on the mobile side, Azure for the cloud, and HTML5/JavaScript/JQuery on the web side.

Challenges we ran into

Time, spotty Internet access.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was all created during the hackathon and it works as an MVP.

What I learned

Sleep is overrated!

What's next for OnAssignment

Hire a designer for a better looking app. Add payment processing third party, manage the legal side of picture ownership.

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