We were inspired to create "On Your Plate" to help people with special nutritional needs. Creating a meal plan is a daunting task, especially if you have food allergies or intolerances. Today, foods have many different ingredients, and reading labels is time-consuming and frankly exhausting. We designed "On Your Plate" for people with nutritionists/dietitians and people who just need a little guidance to start their own meal plan.

How can nutritionists/dietitians encourage people to follow their meal plans? Enter "On Your Plate." Our team leveraged Wegman's API to create a web/mobile app to help nutrition professionals help clients. Meals are easier with the meal plans and shopping lists calculated exactly to what you need. "On Your Plate's" users can opt to have their meals delivered or ready for pickup saving time and energy. Not everyone has access to a nutritionist. What happens when people want to eat healthier, but don't know where to start? With our app, people can get customized meal plans designed by nutritionists. They enter their information: age, height, weight, activity level, allergies, and desired type of plan, then get a customized solution for them.

Keeping track of ingredients in foods is a painstaking process. The app tracks foods for dangerous ingredients and warns people of possible dangers either when shopping online or buying in-store with a barcode scanning feature. It also tracks the amount of carbs, fats, and proteins to assist in food choices. Daily and weekly calculators are available to track what people need and what foods they can add or remove to make a good food choice. There are recipes, videos, and prepared meals for inspiration and planning. People using "On Your Plate" will no longer need to ask "What's to Eat" at the last minute. They can make healthier choices and achieve their nutritional goals.

To create our project, we installed Wegman's API on Postman and looked at the data we could retrieve. We designed a mobile app as well as a mobile website to utilize this data and change the way people eat and shop. Since time was very limited, we focused only on mobile, but responsive screens for larger devices can be created easily further down the line. Our team coded a good portion of the mobile site. We are very proud to have done what we did in one day or so we had to work with the project. It was interesting to learn about Wegman's API and how we could access it. Next up, we hope to finish the project wireframes, mockups, and conduct user testing. When the iteration is complete, we'd like to fully create the mobile app and website. This was a fun project. Thank you for hosting!

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