Have you ever been on a long drive and needed a cup of coffee? Or maybe you want to plan a stop in a few hours and want to know where you will be? You don't want to start exiting the freeway randomly and you don't want to find something thats out of your way.

You need to find your place along your way, you need to Drift!

What it does

  • Search for places along your route
    • But don't delay your journey
  • Find places for a specific time
    • Plan your stops and breaks
  • Filter by Yelp ratings, price, deals or new
    • Find only what you want

How we built it

We put a Qt developer in a room with a couple of iOS devs and an Android dev and brewed something up. We then got a Portland, Maine designer to make it look pretty.


Xcode 8, Swift 3, ArcGIS Runtime for iOS, YelpAPI v3

ArcGIS API Usage

  • Vector basemaps
  • Location display
  • Locator Task
  • Route Task
  • Heavy use of the Geometry Engine
    • For local analysis of routes and time
    • For providing point and radius to Yelp API

Challenges we ran into

Yelp API

  • Making the cocoa API use Hot and New, Open Now, Cost filters (in their REST API)
  • Filtering the results (get results outside of search areas) ArcGIS Runtime API
  • Using time/distance data from route results
  • Unit coordinate conversion
  • Inspecting Geometry parts
  • Finding points along lines

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integration with Yelp API
  • Use of Geometry engine to generate point/distance locations along your route
  • The secret sauce algorithm of predicting where you will be at a certain time along your route

What we learned

Our geometry engine is AWESOME! Yelps API is not so awesome (but they do open source it so you can extend it!!!!)????

What's next for on-the-way

Integration with Navigator

  • sharing a route from navigator to allow you to Drift! Integration with other 3rd party apps Writing it up so our developers know how we built it!

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