Some people on our team just never know how to be on time. We forgive them sometimes because they may have valid excuses but there are other times where we feel like they might really have time management problems. We're not inspired, we just want to help those who are dear to us. So here's On the Clock, to keep them on their toes with every tick of the time. Help us help them to help you.

What it does

Register an event with a time and location at which you should be attending. But most importantly, register a repercussion to benefit your friends if you don't end up being there when you are expected to! If you make it on time, you win, and, if you don't, your friends win... Is this what we call a win-win situation?

How we built it

Geo mapping technology powered by SpaceX and extremely intensive low-latency time-tracking technology to make sure that our application always knows where you are, when you are. :wink:

Challenges we ran into

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

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What we learned

React Native!

What's next for On the Clock

Only time will tell :book:

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