There’s no Uber Pool in Santa Cruz! If you're running late to class, having to spend $14+ on an Uber breaks the bank. As the network of users who utilize OnMyWay! grows, students will have a low cost tool to get around the city.

Having fewer cars on the road means reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and improved air quality. Air pollution caused by vehicles is linked to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, allergies and neurological effects. With increased carpooling, we can help limit the amount of pollution emitted from everyday commutes.

What it does

Public transportation can be unreliable. On My Way! makes carpooling social. It provides students an affordable way to get to and from class on time without dealing with the hassle of bussing to class.

How I built it

React-Native on the front end Node.js & Express on the back end MongoDB for persistence on the back end (Mongoose <3) Native iOS & Android drivers for front-end cache Google Maps API for routing trips and suggesting places

Challenges I ran into

Navigating through a bunch of documentation and integrating a multitude of new components is tough to accomplish quickly.

Currently my area of interest is in PL research. I’ve built a front end compiler for a subset of C, an interpreter and static type checker for a functional programming language. Building a good workflow is challenging in a whole other way. It requires patience and a great knowledge of the technologies you’re working with.

Google Maps API requests are expensive. Finding an efficient way to persist and display data in different parts of my app was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of how much I was able to integrate into the app in a such a short amount of time:

  • Integrated Notivize services
  • Utilized GM API to manage trip information
  • Created the RESTful ride API
  • Created the Home Screen
  • Configured database to delete expired rides
  • Created the ride bounty model
  • Added navigation support for Trip Information
  • Implemented custom components consistent with theme
  • Imported and integrated open source components
  • Implemented filter functionality

What I learned

The amount one can accomplish when they really push themself is crazy! Hackathons like this enable competitors to really focus and hone in on their skills.

What's next for On My Way!

There's a lot of work to be done before On My Way! is production ready. Hopefully I can deploy a build in the near future. I plan on releasing the application across Web, Android, and iOS.

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