This project was inspired by us having a genuine conversation about our goals and aspirations. We spoke about the big dreams we were chasing, there were such great smiles of hope on our face. Then we were introduced to the " BUT's" and those smiles were wiped away. Why were there so many set backs to accomplishing our goals? Why do we let them discourage us? And how do we change that? That's when ON-It was formed.

What it does

On-It is a productivity application that allows young adults and professionals to set task and be motivated to complete their task. You can speak to our bot 'Woosah' to stay motivated.

How we built it

IBM-Watson Assistant

Challenges we ran into

We were ran into the challenge of integrating our bot to the application. Also Html & CSS person flaked Saturday afternoon because it was too hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build and train an IBM-Watson API We were about to connect our back end to our front end. We were proud that over half of our team was extremely devoted to our project and stayed in Aderhold the entire weekend

What we learned


What's next for On-It

Completing the application and publishing on IOS and Android Apps

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