The inspiration was to explore and learn how Appian features , external APIs and Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence can be combined to create a new and more compelling application and user experience for mobile and web users . We wanted to address a business problem for Employees by providing them the flexibility to choose menu from their desk and grab it once ready without standing in long queues and spending long hours resulting in time saving.

What it does

This application can be used by any organization and its employees to offer catering services for their employees and realize the following business benefits -

1.Employee can order right foods from their desk and grab it once ready without standing in long queues and spending long hours resulting in time saving.

2.Centralized way of managing all food vendors for the Employer leads to streamlined process for Vendor management.

3.Complain logging and redressal leads to better employee experience by organization.

4.Convenience for Vendors to manage and deliver orders, manage daily menu items leading to organized catering.

How we built it

  1. We built it using Appian 19.4 Version.

  2. We designed the user interfaces keeping in mind the user mobile experience so all the application user interfaces are built to work best in a Mobile Application.

  3. We identified the different integration touch-points and decided on the best services that can be used for example

    • For Payment Solution ,we used Authorize .Net, For Image Analysis , we used Google Cloud Vision Services and for Restaurant Search we used Zomato API .

Challenges we ran into

  1. We have to build a user interface in Appian for Payment Screen because of lack of component available in
    Authorize.Net Payment Solution .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Appian Mobile first application.

2.Role based landing pages and actions for Employee, Vendor and Admin.

3.Payment integration with payment solution.

4.Integration with delivery service Zomato API to search nearby restaurants.

  1. Artificial Intelligence solution to detect food items from uploaded image using Google Cloud Vision.

  2. Appian integration with Google cloud vision API enables Appian application users to send image to Google cloud vision API engine and in response detects the Food Items names and other details.

What we learned

  1. We have learnt how to integrate with Authorize.Net Payment Solution .

  2. We learnt how to use Google Cloud Vision connected system and image analysis offered by google cloud vision API.

  3. We learnt how to use Zomato APIs for Nearby Restaurant Search .

What's next for On Desk Food Mobile Application

  1. Tips for healthy breakfast, lunch , dinner , snacks and presenting the menu based on time.

  2. How the Weather Affects What We Eat. Presenting Menu based on whether.

  3. Analyze the Ordering history of the employee and suggest the repeat option. For example some like pizza and frequently order, therefore suggesting different pizza options and offers - vendor can up-sell.

  4. Give Quick Parcel options to employee by sending notification when he/she is leaving for home around 6 or 7 PM.So that he/She can collect something for himself/herself or kids like pastry , pasta etc.

  5. Employee Sentiments Analysis based on feedback to improve services.

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