When you are low on quality sleep you aren't at your productive best. That translates into a dull day including commute, work, workout, family time and so on. But the most important thing that is affected when you wake up low on quality sleep is your motivation and planing.

What it does

Omoura uses data from the Oura ring and uses it to motivate you accordingly and helps you plan your day better and more effectively. Omoura is based on the minimally invasive design philosophy where in the mobile app provides you motivational clues and suggestions for re-planning your day based on your calendar data for the day.

The Scientific Basis

"If your lowest resting heart rate occurs during the night at a later time than usual, that can be a sign of an increased need for recovery or that you are sleeping at too high a temperature in your room." - Ben Greenfield Read more

How we built it

Since Omura is based on minimally invasive design philosophy, we don't talk much about your actual statistics from Oura ring. We make sense of them, for you. Omoura primarliy uses the Readiness Score from your previous night's Oura ring data and does a series of further checks if it discovers that you are in the RED. It then checks your personal calendar data for the current day and presents you motivational quotes and re-planning suggestions such as - go easy on work, skip work altogether or then use the weekend to catch up on some quality sleep if it is the weekend. The actual algorithm is presented here.

Challenges we ran into

Teammates the declared no-show a tad too late, a coffee cup that likes it WAY too hot, A fancy ring that refused to show love to some of our phones, a team too high on ideas (wasn't that BIG a challenge), making sense of some awesome data (still trying it up)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a bonus, Omoura can push the relevant quote from to your Paulig Muki coffee mug, as soon as you pour your coffee for the day. We think that is actually a cool and psychologically interesting hack to a user's day start habits.

What we learned

Lots of stuff:

Cardo: "Lots of stuff about backend and frontend and getting data from APIs"

Jacques: "Snacks disappear fast when put down. One coffee machine can't handle a Junction crowd."

Nishadh: "Too many close by bluetooth devices doesn't make your life easy"

Aseem: _"Markdown was so COOL. <3 rediscovered! Fancy coffee cups can be rather frustrating. Alright, Mac is indeed a little cool". _

What's next for OMOURA

Omoura is a humble beginning to a rather ambitious "Health Assistant" app. We plan to have a Omoura's own cloud platform that pulls relevant content for you based on your sleep and readiness data for the last night. Picture this: You wake up with not such a good night's sleep. Omura knows from your preferences data that you aren't a "METAL" soul and would like to have a light and easy start to the day. Omura cloud based platform gets you the latest inspirational news pieces in the order of their relevant reactions from other Facebook users using the Facebook Reactions API. And in the meantime, until you're ready for the bad news, we can keep the News about the US's new president elect, The Donald, away from your sensitive eyes and brain. Omura also plans to be a recommender system for health and wellness related products, a good current example of which is the Paulig Muki, that presents relevant quotes to the Omoura user based on his sleep data.

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