Nutrition is important. Yet, watching out for unhealthy foods is surprisingly difficult and even more so if there is no packaging available which would tell you about the nutritional value of what you buy. We came up with this idea which allows people to just take a picture of whatever they are considering to buy and inform them both about the nutritional value and what physical activity certain serving sizes equal to.

What it does

Identify foods from a picture and inform the user about the nutritional value. TRex and cactus game as an easteregg.

How we built it

It is built using Android and Web technologies. We used a library which allows us to identify foods from a picture and process the results in a plotting library. Finally we allow the user to do some virtual workout by providing them with a WebView containing the html, css and javascript sources for the well-known game T-Rex and Cactus.

Challenges we ran into

API was poorly documented and Android Studio is a bit qwerky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our first ever Android app at a hackathon :) Oh, and my first Hackathon as well... ;)

What we learned

How to combine web and native mobile technologies. Working at nighttime and nonstop for two days straight.

What's next for OMNOMNOM

Testing testing testing.

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