We wanted to make it easy for users to legally stream their favorite music so artists can get paid directly for what they make no matter how large of an artist they are. We wanted to bring the decentralized technology of the blockchain to music streaming and purchasing services.

What it does

Listeners can lease songs for a specified amount of time, once Listeners have a lease they can stream the song using the listener peer to peer network. The interface provides a similar experience to iTunes or Spotify, but utilizes blockchain transactions and peer to peer technology for streaming to achieve this functionality.

How we built it

Omnisone allows for songs to be represented as ERC-721 tokens with variable lease times. Artists get paid for each lease and can control how many tokens should be created. We did our best to minimize a users exposure to the blockchain by attempting to abstract away the smart contract and wallets as much a possible

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems understanding how to compile the smart contracts at run time on the client side

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of this was created within a month and this was our first time working with the blockchain

What we learned

We learned about solidity and token standards and how to work around out busy schedules

What's next for Omnisone

We're working on allowing Listeners create and sell their curated playlist.

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