I have a friend who suffers from a disease that is slowly paralyzing her. I want her to be able to see the world even if it is through a computer screen.

What it does

Provides a virtual tour of some of what happens in HackWestern. The user is able to go around the room visiting the hacking tables and gets information about the project that was built at that specific table.

How I built it

In order to built the replica of the room, I constructed a set of modular pieces in 3D Studio Max. Using Substance Designer I created textures that try to approximate the patterns in the walls. In Unreal Engine I put the pieces and the textures together in order to give shape to the room.

Using Blueprint, I quickly prototype functionality to give the basic idea of what the virtual tour is about. I plan to optimize in C++

Challenges I ran into

My Graphics person abandoned me ;( Lacking of knowledge in the many tools I used was a huge set back which is why I couldn't talk to everyone in the event.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a full texture material from scratch in a program I had never used in my life Learned 3D Studio Max Learned How to navigate Unreal Engine. I actually built something that works

What I learned

I learned to create basic cool looking textures in Substance Designer, learned the workflow of modular building construction using Unreal and 3DS Max. Learned Unreal's Blueprint.

What's next for Omnipresence

For it to reach its full potential, I must first learn about the tools I am using.

Potential applications of virtual tours can be seem in the fields of architecture, construction, exploration and mining. Laser Scanning technologies allow to map out and build virtual environments in a quick and efficient manner.

Other potential application is Training in schools, fire route planning and possibly Emergency uses. If the technology allows it, virtual architecture can also be combine with VR technology in order to make the life of people easier.

However, my main focus for it is to provide accessibility for people with disabilities and that are limited only to explore the world through a computer.

Next I plan to build the whole UCC building.

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