HashMaps lets you search for places and directions straight from the address bar. Blog entry.

How to Use:

In the address bar (called an Omnibox in Chrome), type in # (the hash/pound/hashtag symbol), and press either Space or Tab. Now look for places or directions.

Searching for Places:

Simply type in the name of the place, and press Enter. Example: "McGill University". Screencast.

Searching for Directions:

Type in the origin and the destination separated by a 'to', and press Enter. Example: "Montreal to New York". Screencast.

Great for when the internet speed is slow and you don't want to take the unnecessary step of first loading the Google Maps landing page.

What's New:

  • Region Biasing: Using some Geolocating, I'm able to get the user's country code which I then use to bias the Google Maps API results, extremely unsuccessfully.
  • Suggestions! Start typing and see suggested locations. Don't worry, your search history isn't saved at all: all suggestions are created dynamically when you type by smartly interacting with the Google Maps API.

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