There are thousands of online educational platforms. However, there isn't an easy way for parents, educators, and students to stay organized and engaged across the many different platforms. During no-school days such as the COVID19 lockdown, summers, or weekends, many students feel highly unmotivated without a rigid, organized schedule and a mentor to support them. OmniLearning, an iOS app, was inspired by these real-life issues.

What it does

OmniLearning matches students with mentors and provides unique features for each respective user:

1) Students: receives updated personalized schedule curated by their mentors, stay organized with a schedule, increase productivity and motivation with a displayed reward, ask questions, update mentor with progress

2) Mentors (e.g. teachers, tutors, parents, older siblings): create and assign a personalized learning schedule across different platforms, send incentives and rewards as motivation, help students, receive real-time updates on students' progress

How I built it

I digitally drew all logos, wireframes, and backgrounds with Procreate. I coded the app with Swift on Xcode. I utilized Google firebase as the database for CRUD.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time creating an app for multiple users. Thus, it was quite difficult in the beginning to create a clean structure to direct users to their respective pages. In addition, there is a lot of data to pass between students and mentors so the database structure is more complex.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of creating OmniLearning on a solo team!

What I learned

Complex data structures, CRUD, cocoapods, Firestore, app with multiple types of users

What's next for OmniLearning

I hope to improve the messaging user interface and publish to the app store ASAP for students and mentors to use!

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