Rather than building for a specific vertical with the Salesforce platform or trying to solve another business problem we wanted to bring the power of salesforce to every user wherever they may be on their mobile device. Our focus was to make sure users, regardless of how they were using salesforce, could access any record at any time literally from anywhere within the iOS ecosystem.

So we took advantage of one of the latest technology improvements with iOS 8, the ability to create a custom keyboard. Although it may sound simplistic our keyboard actually analyzes what you type to provide not only access to any record or object within your Salesforce organization but it can also integrate with any platform anywhere. The possibilities are essentially endless.

For instance, let's say you were having a conversation with your boss and he wanted a quick update on the opportunity for acme. Simply typing @acme in your sms conversation with your boss will present a detail view of the actual opportunity providing you with instantaneous access to that record. Need to send the new stage or updated amount for the opportunity, simply click the field and we'll auto populate your response for you.

Not only can you search and access any sales force record from within any app, we've also added shortcuts to increase sales productivity. For instance, if you're a sales representative who frequently corresponds via email and relies on email templates you can simply type #thankyou to pull that email template into your response.

Finally, to show how extensible the platform could be we've also added two additional features: the ability to create a chatter or twitter post from wherever you are. Entering '#t Having a great time at the Hackathon' and all your twitter followers will know what you're up to. Want to do a chatter post instead? Simply enter '#c Great job this quarter team and vote for OmniForce!'.

Thank you.

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